Vertical Wall Mount Secure Cabinet Soho 5U, 3U Vertical + 2U horizontal, 6″ Depth Black



Vertical Wall Mount Secure Rack Soho Slimline 5U is designed to have a variety of mounting solutions for small networking equipment in the areas like hostels, hotels, hospitals, malls, cinemas, petrol stations,schools, branch offices where space distribution of the network typical network equipment is at a premium.

Is ideal for IT applications where floor space is limited and security is a consideration. Its locking door and secure construction are the perfect solution for keeping limited-access devices secure and out of the way in classrooms, back offices and storage closets. Its unique vertical design allows maintain a lower profile than a regular wall-mount rack enclosure while supporting a maximum weight capacity of 150lbs and providing 5U of rack space. Adjustable horizontal mounting rails allow compatibility with almost all 19-inch rack equipment.

Simplifies equipment installation with its adaptable horizontal rails, which can be easily adjusted to accommodate a variety of equipment configurations.

It can accommodate on Celling or Wall switches, patch panels, PDU etc. and ideal choice for any small voice/data, DSL telephony, Internet or video conferencing installation, with the additional benefit of its compatibility with wireless technology.


Additional information

Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 7 in
Rack Unit

Cabinet have capacity for up to 3U on front and up to 2U on back to be installed with Cage Nut, Cup Washer and Screw.